Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So. Art. The visual kind.

Drawing, I suppose, was my first artistic expression. I guess it's probably everyone's. My mother tells me that I stopped all visual art expression when I was in eighth grade, after my art teacher at school told me I was "doing it wrong." It took me until college to pick it up again, but by then I'd been seized by the Theatre Monster, and anything non-performance-related was relegated to the back burner. I did occasionally find time to make jewelry and sew and decoupage, but all in fits and starts.
This fall, during Carrie, I found myself surrounded by people who art pretty much all day, every day. I have other friends who are visual artists, but I don't go to their house after a show and sing or paint until all hours of the morning. So I became inspired again. I started carrying around a sketch book. I drew almost every day. I posted some photos on Facebook.
And a crazy thing happened. Someone commissioned art from me. And paid me. Then someone else did too, only they wanted something bigger.
Memo line of my first art sale
So, here are a few photos of the things I've been working on recently. Let me know if you want to own one. Or more than one, even. Because all the cool kids are doing it.
Heidi Heidi Heidi OH!  -  Sold
Taped Before a Live Audience  -  Sold
Spring is Sure to Follow  -  Sold
Press Conference 
Immediate Lemonade

Hidden in This Picture

This is my arm, and it is not for sale.

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