Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day for Good News, Vol. 3

Lately, my feed is overflowing with terrible news - most notably, the suicide of Robin Williams and the murder of Michael Brown (and subsequent fallout) in Ferguson, Missouri. As I'm also eyebrow-deep in a post-show emotional letdown (times four), it's been difficult to focus on good things in the world. But they're there, and so this is my attempt to remind us all that although bad things do happen, good things do too.

To support their six-year-old friend, forty classmates wore suits to school:

When a restaurant reviewer made rude suggestions online, the outraged owner spun it, for charity:

Professional wrestlers make a boy's last days very special:

Two local men run to rescue a woman from rape, then hold the attacker until police arrive:!bGMknB

LaVar Burton wanted to reboot Reading Rainbow as an app, so he mounted a KickStarter campaign for the massive sum of $1,000,000. This is his reaction when that goal was met - in 24 hours:

By the way, it has now raised over $5 million - all for children's literacy:

A cop is called to arrest a woman for shoplifting, but buys her groceries instead:

Also, I don't know these kids, but this is a good big brother. Made me smile.

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