Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day for Good News, Vol. 8

Yes, terrible things happen in the world, but I contend that more good things happen, they just don't bring in the ratings. The "We Have Twenty-Four Hours to Fill" news programs would have you believe that the world is terrible, people are mean, and everything's either currently on fire, or will be soon.

So, in my tiny little attempt to balance that out, here's some Good News for you.

High schools students cancel their senior trip plans for something even better.

A single mom has her lost purse, and all of its contents, returned to her - by the homeless man who found it.

This eight-year-old girl receives gifts from her unusual friends.

Over fifty years into their relationship, a couple is finally able to tie the knot.

The Girl Scouts return a $100,000 donation, because it was not intended for all of the girls.

After both of his parents die, a six-year-old decides that the world needs more smiles.

And to wrap it up, let's laugh at a kid. Actually, I feel bad for the little guy, but his deadpan reaction kills me.

If you set your mind to it, ALL THIS can be YOURS!

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