Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Maltese Murder

The Maltese Murder  (2009)
by Bryan Colley

When a book collector is murdered in a public library, private detective Sam Spade is hired to find the killer. He encounters a host of unsavory characters hunting for a valuable autographed edition of Dashiell Hammett’s masterpiece, The Maltese Falcon, that was mistakenly donated to the Friends of the Library book sale.

Kevin Albert
Michelle Cotton
Steven Eubank
Susan Glennemeier
Matt Koenen
Joe Nuzum
Alex Saxon

(Michelle Cotton, Matt Koenen, Steven Eubank, Joe Nuzum, Kevin Albert, Alex Saxon. Photo: Bryan Colley)

(Steven Eubank, Matt Koenen, Michelle Cotton, Kevin Albert. Photo: Bryan Colley)

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