Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sound of Snow

The Sound of Snow (full-length drama, work in progress)

SEAN: Okay, so when are we going to get them together?

BETH: I don’t know…

SEAN: It might be fine.

BETH: Come on, Sean.  

SEAN:  It’s possible. 

BETH: It’ll be too much for her.   

SEAN: Why can’t we just tell them?

BETH: Because then they’ll be looking at her all funny, just waiting… Trust me, I’ve seen it before. It’s gross.

SEAN: So you’d rather just take your chances that she’ll be fine.

BETH: Yes.

SEAN: But by refusing to introduce them—

BETH: I’ll introduce them. Someday. 

SEAN: Of course, we could just put it off and not deal with it until the actual ceremony, if you like living your life on the edge like that.

BETH: My life is always on the edge.

SEAN: And waiting just gives my folks even more time to use our unborn children against me.
BETH:  What?
SEAN:  “We want to meet the other grandmother.”

BETH: God.
SEAN: What kind of a grandparent do you think she’ll be?

BETH:  One that never baby-sits. Look, she’s my mother. I’ll decide.
SEAN: This has a little to do with me too, you know.  Let’s figure this out together.

BETH:  You don’t know her like I do.

SEAN: Of course I don’t. Look, this meeting is not something I’m looking forward to either.
BETH:  Then why do you keep pushing me?

SEAN:  Because I’m tired of getting it from all sides!  If our parents meet, even if it all goes down in flames, at least they’ll stop nagging me about it!
BETH: Do you really think so?  You think they’ll be totally fine after that?  They’ll have noquestions for us at that point? I mean, what if I…

SEAN: What?
BETH: Nothing.

SEAN: No, tell me. If you what?
BETH: Really, Sean. Nothing. Never mind. I just think she—meeting my mother could, you know, just ruin everything.

SEAN:  Give them a chance. I don’t think my folks are going to be nearly as worried about your side of the family as they are about us starting one of our own. 
BETH: Our own family…

SEAN:  Sure.  That’s how we’re going to spend our honeymoon, right?
BETH:  Well, I knew we’d spend it, you know, honeymooning, but… I mean, give me a little time to adjust.

SEAN:  We talked about having kids right away.
BETH:  That was before I—started planning the wedding.  It’s very stressful.   [She cringes in pain.]

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